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Building a professional network is essential to launching your career after college. A good mentor can help you develop your skills and connect with others, ultimately furthering your goals and ambitions.

Having a good mentor can help connect you and your goals. According to a study conducted by the Gallup organization, college graduates are more likely to be engaged in their studies if they have a mentor who encourages them to pursue their dreams. The study also noted that having a good mentor can help improve the well-being of college graduates.


How Mentors Can Be Helpful

Getting the hang of new life after graduating high school or college can be very challenging. Having a good mentor can help ease the transition. Having the support and resources during these times can help improve your experience and enable you to succeed. Support can come from various places. Some of these include people who have gone through similar transitions.

Interacting with various people can help students connect with potential mentors. These include academic advisors, professors, and supervisors. A formal mentorship program is also commonly used by schools and colleges for high school and college students. These programs aim to improve student retention and academic performance.

For students of color, first-year students, and first-generation students, college mentorship programs can be very beneficial. According to a study conducted by the MenTOR organization, having a mentor is more likely to help at-risk youth enroll in college. A study by the College of Charleston revealed that having a mentor can help first-year African-American students improve their academic performance and social skills.


Identifying a Good Mentor

There are specific characteristics that you need to consider when it comes to choosing a good college mentor. Having the proper amount of time and attention to spend with these individuals can benefit a relationship.

Getting the right mentor can take a lot of time and effort. Having the time and attention to build a strong relationship is vital to choosing a  college mentor.

One of the essential characteristics you need to consider when choosing a good college mentor is their integrity. Ensure that they’re a kind and caring individual who values you as a whole person. It’s also crucial that they’re good listeners who can help you provide appropriate feedback.

Finding the right mentor can be the key to establishing a successful career and allowing you to transition easily into a new role. If you’re experiencing a significant life change in the future, whether in your career or personal life, consider finding someone to help guide you through the process.