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About Nick Roshdieh

Nick Roshdieh is a self-proclaimed perpetual student. He views life as a journey full of opportunities to take chances and make mistakes and use those lessons to improve. Nick always strives to be his highest self. He strongly believes in the core principles of spirituality: showing up, doing what is promised, and practicing gratitude when good things come your way. In addition to self-compassion, Nick also has a huge capacity for empathy. He understands the importance of forgiveness and how it promotes a love/life balance. 

As for a professional career, Nick Roshdieh has always had a passion for architecture. As a child, he would enjoy looking at various homes and high-rises when he was with his family. After high school, Nick pursued a business and marketing path. He tried his hand at several small business ventures, learning from his mistakes as he went along. Life also handed him challenges and he dealt with them the same way he has embraced change his whole life – when one door closes, another one will appear. One of Nick’s unique personality traits is his ability to see things with a positive outlook and embrace the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is not yet visible.

This philosophy has led to a career beyond his wildest dreams. As a top realtor at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty, Nick represents buyers and sellers along the South Orange County, CA coastline. Because of his tenured successful career, Nick has built up a network of industry professionals who give him a front-row seat for properties in areas such as Newport Coast, also known as the Pacific Riviera. Nestled between Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach, Newport Coast is popular with beachgoers, nature lovers, and art aficionados. While Nick Roshdieh has over a decade of experience selling high-end, coastline properties ranging from $3-35 million, he satisfies other price points as well. 

Nick Roshdieh truly believes if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Some of the many reasons he loves his job are getting to experience new things each day and meeting new people. Still a lover of architecture, Nick enjoys stepping inside the versatile façades of each property and being able to share in the excitement of a walkthrough with his clients.

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